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Mafia Club Tour In Baku

Mafia Club Tour In Baku Packages
Country: Azerbaijan
City: Baku
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Entertainment

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Sadly an Azeri or Russian language only game, Mafia is something of a Baku obsession and is played in many bars around the city, with each bar usually having a dedicated game night. 12 players sit around a large table and are randomly dealt with game cards by the caller, who organizes the night. Among the 12 there will be a Mafia Don and his two Mafiosi, a Policeman (Kommisar), a Maniac, and 7 clean (or Chisti) people. Players discuss, decide and vote on who they think most likely to be Mafia, which player then attempts to defend themselves.

The person with the most votes each round is then bumped off and reveals whether they were Mafia, Chisti, or whatever. The Mafiosi try and kill off the Komissar, the Komissar tries to put paid to the Mafiosi, while the Maniac kills with no agenda (and a maniacal cackle, natch). It is all played out to sound effects lifted from the Godfather and, rather surreally, the David Suchet Poirot. A surprisingly large amount of fun, 10 AZN buys you into a game.

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