Exploring Tourism in Azerbaijan
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Azerbaijan Popular Places to Visit

Sınıq Qala Mosque

A masterpiece built by the mosque has built a two-storey, one-minaret mosque building with its unique spatial structure. Six layers covered with shelter, a gate in the south facade and a rectangular layout with two small window eyes. Its well-drilled well, some archaeological materials, dated to the end of the Ancient Period and the Middle Ages. It should  noted that,

International Mugham Center

The International Mugham Center of Azerbaijan is a center of Azerbaijani arts and music aiming to promote, preserve and popularize the specific genre of Azerbaijani music, mugham. It is located in Baku Boulevard, in downtown Baku. Mugham is a genre included in the representative list of the UNESCO Intagible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Mugham Center built on initiative of the

Taza Pir Mosque

Taza Pir Mosque (also Tazapir) is a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. Its construction began in 1905 a finished by 1914. The idea for the mosque as well as its financing provided by an Azeri philanthropist, a female, Nabat Khanum Ashurbeyov (Ashurbeyli). Interior of the mosque has an area of 1400 square meters and decorated with ornaments of painting schools of Azerbaijan

Pink Lake

Lake Masazir near Baku in Azerbaijan is rumoured to be one of only 8 “pink lakes” in the world. The water has a pink and red colour to it, making it stand out. Despite its unique hue, this lake is not on the tourist map even though it is only a few miles outside of Baku, the cultural and economic

Little Venice

Little Venice in Baku Boulevard is a small town built in 1960. It ws expanded up to 10.000 sq.m. in 2012. The town has two large and several small islands, which aare connected by decorative stone bridges, and gondolas can be seen travelling in the channels full of still and clean water. In the 1950s and 1960s the Mirvari (Pearl) cafe,

Nizami Ganjavi Monument

The Monument to Nizami Ganjavi, a medieval Persian poet, is located in Baku in Nizami Square, on the intersection of Istiglaliyyat, Ahmad Javad, Azerbaijan and Islam Safarli streets. The opening ceremony of the monument was held in April, 1949.  The monument is a 6 metered bronze statue installed on 9 metered octahedral pedestal. The pedestal is of red Labrador, and elements


Qax is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and has the ruins to show for it. It has changed hands over the years, from Albania to Turkey to Georgia and others. As you can imagine, this area has a lot of fascinating history, and there’s a lot to see here. Within Qax, you can see the Albanian


Located northwest of Baku en route to Sheki (below) is Lahic, a small metalwork artisan town resting high up in the mountains. It’s a bit more developed for tourists than places like Xinaliq, so it’s perfect for a weekend getaway from Baku or a pit stop on the way to another destination. It’s a bit of a trek to get


A tiny mountain village near the border of Russia. As the highest-altitude village in Azerbaijan (and, arguably, all of Europe), a visit to Xinaliq is a glimpse into the ‘real’ Azerbaijan. Here, friendly shepherds, wooly sheep, and friendly villagers come to greet you. The views in Xinaliq are spectacular and, despite the 1 or 2 tours that come through here

Yanar Bulag

If you want see burning water then you can’t miss a trip to Yanar Bulag, a curious natural phenomenon that is located on the road between the towns of Astara and Lankaran. The water is pumped out of a pipe and can be set alight due to the levels of natural methane contained within, making the oxymoron of flaming water