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Icheri Sheher

Baku, Azerbaijan

This traditional greeting is deep-rooted and is used by Azerbaijanis to greet guests in their home with courtesy and respect. Following the tradition of our country, we also welcome you into our home – Icherisheher.

The history of Icherisheher dates back to ancient times. It is difficult to determine the exact date in history when the city was built by our ancestors, but it has existed for thousands of years which is evidenced by the many ancient monuments which still remain today.
Icherisheher is the pearl of Azerbaijani architecture and culture and many significant restoration works have been undertaken within recent years. Under the attention of President Ilham Aliyev, Icherisheher has undergone a complete renaissance.. With the establishment of the State Department of the Historical and Architectural Reserve of Icherisher, this ancient heart of Baku has undergone rehabilitation and reconstruction appropriate to the environment of the old city. The first lady of Azerbaijan and UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, as well as other distinguished members of our society are all actively involved in these restoration activities.
We will continue our work to regularly improve and update the new website for Icherisheher. Please let us know if you have any comments about how the website can be improved. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
Dear visitors: We hope that you find the Icherisheher website interesting and informative. We are happy to welcome you,your friends, your families and guests to Icherisheher. You will be greeted at the entrance to the old city with the same words used by generations of Azerbaijanis to greet their guests: İçərişəhərə xoş gəlmişsiniz !
Welcome to Icherisheher!

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