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Sheki City

Sheki, Azerbaijan

Found to the west of Baku, this is famed as one of the oldest human settlements in all of the Caucasus and is said to date back 2500 years. Sheki City was a stop off on the Silk Road and was famous for exquisite silks and other textiles. This tradition is still very much alive in Sheki City today, and visitors here will find ornate embroidery and other local handicrafts on offer. In addition to the arts and crafts found in this city, there are also castles, mosques, and even ancient bathhouses, as well as the Palace of Seki Khans that has stood since the 18th Century.

This is even more impressive as an architectural wonder when you consider that the palace was built in its entirety without the use of nails. Make sure to check out the beautiful wall paintings and carved windows when you visit.

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