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Shirvan National Park

Baku, Azerbaijan

Shirvan National Park, formally established as a protected area in 2003, used to be located under the Caspian Sea, and now spans over 54,000 hectares to the south of Baku. This protected area is made up largely of semi-desert landscape meaning that you will find ambling sand dunes that are the perfect hideaway for the gazelles found here, and nature lovers may also spot a diverse array of species including turtles, hedgehogs, jungle cats, and jackals.

For those more interested in bird life, you will find swans and even flamingos in the park, which tend to congregate around the aptly named Flamingo Lake. Mud volcanoes are also commonly found in the park, the most famous being Bandovan Mountain, which is well worth a visit to take in this amazing natural phenomenon. For those who want to spend time taking in all the natural attractions here, there is accommodation available in the form of quaint bungalows, or, for more adventurous visitors, camping on the northern beach of the park is permitted with a permit

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