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Lunch is on the way. Spending the night in cars. Day 1 to Day 4: Shemakha - Ismailly (Hard Offroad) A Trip on the route Shemakha - Ismailly (hard offroad). A visit to the village Lagich . .
Country: Azerbaijan
City: Ismayilli
Duration: 6 Day(s) - 5 Night(s)
Tour Category: Jeep Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

Lunch is on the way.
Spending the night in cars.

Day 1 to Day 4: Shemakha - Ismailly (Hard Offroad)

A Trip on the route Shemakha - Ismailly (hard offroad). A visit to the village Lagich familiarity with craft workshops.Overnight at hotel

Day 5: Lagich - Baku (Soft Offroad)

Excerpt from the hotel, the end of the tour

Basic Off-Roading Tips, You Should Know Before Going on the Trip:

Know-How Traction Works Off-Road with 4WD

To move all four wheels at once on a 4WD vehicle requires front and rear locking differentials. Off-road traction control can emulate a locking differential by braking the spinning tire and sending power to the other wheel, which has more grip. Check the owner’s manual or look online to find out about the vehicle’s differentials and transfer cases.

Know Your Ground Clearance And Approach Angles

The approach angle is defined as “the maximum angle of a ramp [or obstacle] onto which a vehicle can climb from a horizontal plane without interference.” The same definition applies to the rear bumper and wheels. Knowing a vehicle’s approach angle and departure angle clearances will make negotiating obstacles off-road a lot easier.

The angle between your tires and the middle of a vehicle’s underside is called the break-over angle. When coming down off an obstacle, like a rock, the driver must know how much midsection clearance is available to avoid scraping the rock.

Use the Lowest Gear Available

Driving off-road frequently requires overcoming a very steep incline, a big rock, or other conditions with reduced traction. The best method to deal with these extreme situations is to shift into a low-gear range. However, if the off-road vehicle is not equipped with a dual-range transfer case, using the lowest gear available is recommended.

Lower the Tire Pressure

Tire manufacturers have recommended inflation pressures for driving on a smooth paved surface. At those pressures, the tires require the least amount of energy to move and therefore contribute to better fuel economy and give the vehicle its best handling characteristics. However, for off-road conditions—away from the perfectly groomed pavement—higher tire pressures can cause the tires to bounce, resulting in a rougher ride and loss of traction.

Never Go Off-Road Alone

Although off-roading can provide hours of fun and entertainment, as well as the opportunity to explore the desert or a mountain wilderness, it is risky. Perhaps, part of the appeal is the inherent danger it offers and the challenge of overcoming obstacles and difficult terrain. It is hard to predict everything that might go wrong on an off-road adventure but being prepared with recovery equipment and a maintained vehicle.

Follow the Rules of the Trail

Although there are no "official" rules of trail driving, off-road etiquette exists that consists of practical and safe driving techniques to make sure participants have fun and enjoy the experience. Tread lightly by staying on marked trails, on the track, and in the ruts. Volunteers and Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) organizations maintain many of the trails. Help make their job easier. To minimize the environmental impact, avoid veering off and making new trails.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Few people want to take the time to read their car owner’s manual. However, the information contained in the manual can be useful and perhaps even save a life. For the off-roader, with no ready access to emergency services, it is even more important. To make things easier, many car and truck manufacturers are making the manual available via different mediums.

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