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Tour In The Wakes Of Leyli And Majnun

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Who wanders near that palmy glade, Where does the fresh breeze add coolness to the shade? 'Tis Majnun he has left his fathers tomb, Again mid rocks and scorching plains to roam, Unmindful of . .
Country: Azerbaijan
City: Ganja
Duration: 5 Day(s) - 4 Night(s)
Tour Category: Culture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

Who wanders near that palmy glade,
Where does the fresh breeze add coolness to the shade?
'Tis Majnun – he has left his father’s tomb,
Again mid rocks and scorching plains to roam,
Unmindful of the sun's meridian heat,
Or the damp dewy night, with unshod feet;
Unmindful of the forest's savage brood,
Howling on every side in quest of blood;
No dread has him from aught of earth or air,
From den or aerie, calm in his despair:
He seems to court new perils and can view
With unbleached visage scenes of darkest hue;
Yet is he gentle, and his gracious mien
Checks the extended claw, where blood has been;
For tiger, wolf, and panther gather round
The maniac as their king ...

Day 1. Arrival in Baku – Check-in

Upland Park is located on a hill in the western part of the city. This is the best place to see the city and Baku Bay. We continue our city tour showing you the most interesting historical and architectural monuments.

On the first floor of the Centre the exhibition "Masterpieces of Azerbaijan" is presented. It demonstrates unique exhibits reflecting the inexhaustible natural wealth, the long history of the country, and its cultural heritage. This exhibition draws attention as a modern interactive means to study the history and culture of Azerbaijan. One of the main features of the exhibition is that it presents all periods of the history of Azerbaijan, demonstrates exhibits relating to different areas of Azerbaijani culture.

Thus, the exhibition includes unique examples of ancient crafts; in particular the Azerbaijani carpet weaving school, a special interest is the demonstration of copper products. Ancient Azerbaijani musical instruments are presented in the original - the sound form. Overnight in Baku !!!

In case of late arrival, we provide night excursions without museum entry.

Day 2. Baku - Ganja

Ganja is the second-largest city in Azerbaijan, a monument of the ancient culture, industrial center of Western Azerbaijan. This city played an important role in the history of Azerbaijan, is located at the crossroads of caravan routes, where the travelers and world-name scholars stopped. The history of the country is riddled with the significance of this city, which for centuries was the capital of the country and a trading hub, attracted merchants from different countries, who traded silk, fur, spices, Damascus steel, and other treasures of the Middle Ages. No wonder that the name of the city means "treasure".

At the entrance to the city, you are welcomed by poet Nizami’s Mausoleum. Ganja is inseparably linked with the name of the poet, so there are a lot of images of this famous man in the city. A mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage for poets from around the world nowadays.

The visit to Sheikh Bahauddin's architectural ensemble will be truly unforgettable. This monument of architecture of the XVII century includes a caravanserai, Shah Abbas Mosque (Friday Mosque), medieval bath (Chekyak-Hamam).

Bottle House - one of the strangest sights of Ganja. This two-story house is decorated with approximately 50,000 glass bottles and stones brought from different parts of the former Soviet Union.

Return to the hotel. Overnight in Ganja

Day 3. Ganja - Khanlar (Goygol) - Goygol National Park

On the way to the national park, we will visit the city of the same name Goy Gel a former German settlement of the 19th century on the territory of Azerbaijan - during the times of the Russian Empire it was called Elmendorf. It is a small island in East German architecture - houses from the early 20th century built by German architects are still preserved here, as well as the Lutheran Church. Next, we will go to the Goygol Lake Nature Reserve. This lake is relatively young - it was formed in the 12th century as a result of the fall of the mount Kapaz summit during the earthquake.

However, the lake is the most beautiful in the whole of Azerbaijan. Situated around the woods, the lake was not available to visit for several years – there were arrangement works in the park. Now, this oriental beauty re-appeared in full glory In front of the tourists. Overnight in Ganja

Day 4. Ganja - Gobustan - Baku

Departure from Ganja. Gobustan Rocks are not just the brightest witnesses of the prehistoric period of human existence. They reflect the history of this region for nearly 15,000 years - from the end of the era of the Upper Paleolithic till the Middle Ages. Of particular interest are the images of multi-oar boats, with a light source at the stern. They were drowned above the level at which people had been portrayed, and this phenomenon set up a lot of different interpretations.

Today Azerbaijani scientists found, described, and studied more than 4,000 petroglyphs (rock painting in the stone carving art) and this important work continues. Arrive in Baku. Hotel accommodation. Free time.

Breakfast in the hotel.

End of the tour.

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